Focus on You


If you haven’t watched the docu-series on Netflix about Michael Jordan called The Last Dance I highly highly recommend watching it, it was so good my husband ended up getting really into it, you will also understand how epic the above photo actually is.

I didn’t know anything about MJ (this seems to be a recurring theme, I discover somebody, get inspired, benefit and write about them). I know he’s a famous basketball player (I don’t watch basketball) and known as the greatest basketball player of all time but I didn’t know what he did with the Chicago Bulls and how he took them from basically rubbish to a 6X winning team.

What I partically liked is how focused he was on himself, like laser beam focus on himself and his craft with everything that he did (like baseball). I also very much liked the way he pushed the other players to achieve and pushed them so hard (and painfully) it brought the best out of everyone and they all became winners and successful because of him really, it resonated with me a lot.

What my husband took from the docu-series was MJ’s unrelenting drive. If you have this kind of drive and dedication you will succeed.

Today we’re living in the age of distraction (social media) we come online a lot of the time and distract ourselves with other people. People even go out of their way to get people to focus on them for all the wrong reasons i.e. it’s of no benefit to you at all and you lose focus on yourself.

I understand talking about politics and current events with what’s going on in the world seen as we are a global village but people are too dedicated to things that mean absolutely nothing to them, can do nothing for them and have zero benefit for them. It’s just a distraction and we’re being distracted or we’re distracting ourselves for one reason or another.

In MJ’s time there wasn’t social media and I forget how different it was, he was still huge but imagine how different it would have been with it. When I was in school we didn’t have social media, so studying and revising there weren’t as many distractions on your phone (no smartphones) which was a huge blessing.

How do I Focus on Myself?

I have a Youtube channel and I could care less what anybody else is doing with their channels unless I benefit. I don’t compete with anybody else nor care what anyone else is doing/saying it doesn’t interest me in the slightest. I’m not chasing the algorithm I put content out to my time frame. I’m focused on me and my work. This applies on my other socials and in real life.

A lot of what I come across online is so mind numbingly boring I don’t even care anyways, what I do find interesting though is me and my success, the more and more I put into and invest into bettering myself, honestly the better I feel and you stop caring what others are saying and thinking because you’re doing what makes YOU happy. People get upset I always say, do it more 😉

This also means finding and figuring out traumas and things bothering you and working on them for the better, I’ve come across a lot of great people to help with this. 

People are always always going to talk, one person saying “don’t blog, blogging’s dead” “don’t become a Yoututber there’s no money in it” same people will then turn around and do the exact thing they told you not to do, don’t listen, follow your gut, put your trust in your Lord, pray and then Focus on whatever then hell you want YOU want to do.

A Story

A father wanted to teach his son a lesson. He was walking with his son & a donkey through different towns. The first town the son was riding the donkey and the father was walking, the people of the town said “why is the son allowing the father to walk? he should respect his father, he may be finding it difficult to walk, he should let him ride the donkey and walk”.

So, the son got off the donkey and going to the next town the dad rode the donkey. In the 2nd town the people said “why is father riding the donkey? can’t he see his son is small and must be getting tired he should have mercy on him and let him ride the donkey”.

So they both decided to ride the donkey! they went into the 3rd town and the people said “look at that poor donkey they’re being cruel to it both riding it”.

They carried onto the next town and so both of them walked with the donkey, the people said “what are they doing? are they stupid? they have a donkey why are they both walking one of them can at least ride the donkey!”.

The point is you will never ever please everyone and everyone is entitled to their opinion. Unless it comes from a place of love and genuine concern and they care about you & are trying to help, then F them and their opinion and continue on however you feel is best for YOU.

Silky Out

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