16 Quick/Short Online Business Tips

Hi all, this Blog are short sharp tips about Online Business. I tend to write about topics that are playing on my mind or something that has inspired me, ATM I have no niche the niche/brand is me, I guess. These Online Business Tips are from experience and observation from working, creating & making money online which I have been doing since around 2004 passively. This is what works for me you can apply what works for you and leave the rest.

1/ Forever Growing & Learning – 

Just when you think you understand something & have some knowledge and figured it out you look underneath another rock or down a YouTube rabbit hole and uncover this whole heap of crap from another angle, another expert and a different perspective that makes you learn and grow further.

The cliché ‘your mistakes & f*** ups will make you grow & learn more then anything’ is somewhat true to an extent you just learn and find out things & ways you wouldn’t have if you didn’t mess up, they become integral in how you proceed forward & work. 

2/ Time-wasters – 

People may not want to hear this or believe it but there are far too many people that contact you just to purposely go out of their way to waste your time and this is something you are going to have to figure out with trial & error. Implementing boundaries has improved my online communications significantly, you have to find out what works best for you.

You don’t need to talk to everyone, you need to talk the right people

And who the right people are for you. For me it’s people that align with my beliefs & values & are principled in some shape or form, after that I could care less about talking to anyone else to be perfectly frank.

3/ Focus on the Content not Audience – 

This doesn’t mean disregard them completely, you absolutely consider who you’re targeting but I don’t chase people or algorithms. You can be clever and be aware of timings in the calendar and popular events which will have many eyes on it but if you chase algorithm and people you will never stop chasing. Just be consistent in putting out content and products.

4/ If it sounds too good to be True – 

You know the saying but still too many people are falling for fraud online, we have to be more diligent. People claiming they make 10 grand a month on social media platforms and you can learn how to for the low low low price of £5 because they love people so much they just wanna help they’re the online Mother Theresa, gimme a break. If you believe these people they deserve your money and I make no apologies for that. Don’t fall for the get rich quick schemes either, particularly this year with mass job losses due to Covid & people being vulnerable, you have to do your research on people.

Don’t trust screenshots of how much money people claim they make online all of this can be made up. There are entrepreneurs that do 5 hour live breakdowns of how they make their money online which is very thorough, detailed and it is a lot of work. Unless they’re willing to go live, I’m always going to be sceptical, a screenshot means zero and makes me trust them even less, you ask a few questions they’re always very sketchy about information. They talk about how honest and honourable they are all the time, honest people are honest they don’t keep trying to convince people of it.

5/ What Would Apple Do – 

Apple never does sales. Apple never does discount. Apple never does giveaways. I’ve seen Apple do one black Friday where you have to buy the latest Macbook first anyways. Apple never do offers. Apple don’t stop raising their prices, Apple is the benchmark. 

Apple releases a new iPhone slightly upgraded from the previous and have people queuing for a week to purchase it. Apple has a major trickle down effect – people are very interested in the Apple videos on YouTube, they get millions of hits in a very short period of release. Apple has removed wires and are now charging for them and it hasn’t deterred anyone.

People do sales, discounts, offers et al because they have to. People want maximum money for their product/service without exception. Anyone claiming they are giving you a wicked offer/discount is cuz they have to lower their price to sell, they wouldn’t have it at a lower price all the damn time if it was selling for more than that.

There’s plenty of people that charge a lot of money that rarely drop their prices because they don’t have to, so next time someone is offering you an amazing mind blowing/boggling deal that you just have to buy in the next hour or you’ll never be happy ever again, ask yourself, What Would Apple Do? None of that shit that’s what!

No hate to the legit giveawayers etc I think they’re great and there’s a lot of genuine business people, just be diligent is all. 

6/ No Comparison No Competition – 

That means focusing on you, nobody else is your competition online you’re doing this for you. Don’t compare yourself or your business to anyone else, you can certainly learn from certain people but they are not your metric of how you judge yourself & operate. 

7/ It Will Take Time – 

Don’t fall for the get rich quick scam/schemes there’s no shortcuts in entrepreneurship it takes time, lots and lots and lots of time and work. So don’t be discouraged when you’re not making money or getting traction for a long time as Nip Hussle said ‘he just never quit’.

8/ Don’t Take it Personal – 

Trolls, haters, critics, people are doing what’s best for them and are focused on themselves as you should be on yourself and all it really is are people vying for attention, either in a good or bad way but whatever people’s problems are online it’s not your problem so don’t make it your problem, block, ignore, keep calm and carry on.

People talk about ‘haters’ all the time and I really don’t care why because I honestly could care less about people that dedicate themselves to others in a negative way.

9/ Principles over Money – 

If you don’t have any principles when you don’t have money you won’t when you do and will be willing to do any and everything to get it which means you don’t trust, like, believe or honour yourself and are just a slave to money and you’ll be controlled by everything and everybody.

Denzel Washington was offered a role (he talked about this) when he first started acting to play a black guy that raped a white woman in the 1940s, the rapist is meant to be put to death but he wouldn’t die LOL. He would have been paid 600k and he needed the money he had a wife and kids to feed but he turned it down, 6 months later he was offered a role in a famous movie he really liked and is now the biggest black actor in Hollywood without a stain on his record.

10/ When in Rome – 

In London we mind our business we have to otherwise you’ll get into problems very quickly, if someone says or does something to you directly online you can CHOOSE if you want to engage other then that mind your business none of the other stuff should concern you.

11/ Enjoy What You Do 

I very much enjoy creating content and making money online, I always get excited when I release new content and glad people like it and like me! and find it useful. I’m glad I have these creative outlets, I love connecting things which have meaning, i.e. the photo on this blog is of the gherkin building in London’s financials district I also wrote about London in the previous point, all interconnected with small details.

12/ Things become Classics – 

Do you look at old movies, videos etc and see how well it was executed and how much detail people put into making it and it still looks so good years later and becomes a classic. If you’re tired, sick, short of time, distracted by kids, you still have to do your best on each piece of work. I look back on my work and want to change a lot because we’re all very critical of ourselves but some content I like. I take what I didn’t like learn from it and apply and make it better for the next time. 

13/ Don’t Work with the Morally Insane – 

These are the people that do things behind your back or when they believe nobody is looking because they’re not good people. Whatever bad you see them doing/saying to other people they will do to you to it just hasn’t happened yet or you’re unaware. Short term gains with the morally bankrupt are long term costs and it will cost you. You cannot control or manage these people, I’ve seen what money does to family members that have the same parents so how do you think a random person on the internet is going to be when money is involved? You have to be very choosy with who you want to work with, the fewer the better for me. 

14/ Perfection is Overrated – 

My husband is more of a perfectionist then me, I believe atm the moment it’s better to just put out more content then trying to perfect everything which can come later. Get the content out, don’t dwell on it, anything you don’t like or thought you could have changed/done better take it into the next piece of work. Perfection will just paralyse you and have you spending way to much time on unnecessary things which can all come later. JUST START STOP FAFFING WITH FONT AND IMAGES. 

15/ You never know what’s going to be a Hit – 

What you really like and put a lot of effort & time into may not be the one that does well and what the audience likes. A video that I did quickly off the cuff with not much thought to it became my most viewed video! So just keep putting out work something’s bound to eventually stick.

16/ Reward Yourself – 

When I complete work I reward myself it’s in a small way but it means a lot to me. I may buy myself something, take a couple of days off to relax, watch a movie, read a book, go for a walk, have some cake and coffee but I look forward to it because the work comes first and I put everything off until I complete the work so reward yourself you deserve it, you work hard and have to know you’re worth it. 

Bonus Tip

I remember Wendy Williams a famous talk show host that now has all the celebrities on her show, before she became so big said I’m paraphrasing – ‘you are the star of the show not the guests’.  Meaning people are tuning in, watching, reading because of YOU, guest/celebs are the cherry on top of the cake that is you. that’s why YouTubers that do it alone are the real MVPS 😉 

‘You don’t need anybody else to make you money’ – my husband

This is my husband’s matra for me, meaning you need yourself your skills and to go out there and create opportunities for yourself, your money is not tied to anybody else’s neck.

‘My wife and children are my life, this is my job i know the difference’ – Denzel Washington

I always reiterate to have a real life with real people doing real things, this is work and you have to know and understand where to seperate the two. Constantly being online is unfulfilling and an avoidance of the real world, go out and do things by yourself and others otherwise you’ll be living a virtual life and that is not a life that is just an existence.

See you all in 2021 God willing may is be a happy, prosperous, fulfilling and successful one, it can’t be any worse then 2020 RIGHT?! 🙂

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