Taking Risks


Do you know that some people do extreme sports like paragliding, skydiving, rock climbing etc to get out of their head? I mean the thoughts that plague you and inhibit you. The same goes for martial arts, it’s peak anxiety, it doesn’t get any higher when you put yourself in a position to be hurt and humiliated.

Since the beginning of September 2018 I feel like I’ve been taking more and more risks. I need to make major and important changes in my life and there’s only one way I believe I can do it and that’s by taking risks. Financially, with my time, my mind and energy.

The thing about taking risks is that there’s no guarantees of success but a lot of failure. I may calculate the probabilities of success in my head somewhat but ultimately you don’t know. And for me, there’s only one thing I failed at in life which ultimately turned into something good and the position I’m now in in fact.

I’m making losses financially but if I stop I’ll be in the same position that ive been in for years, my comfort zone. I’m not happy here but it’s comfortable, it’s familiar, it’s easier, it doesn’t cause me anxiety, it’s known.

It becomes programmed in your brain the familiarity. They say even changing a route you take to school or work, getting lost and having to figure things out is good for you because your brain is used to doing the same thing daily, weekly and becomes trained like that, it’s not being challenged.

Getting out of the comfort zone

A place that wealthy entrepreneurs talk about, they risked it all and made it, we just see  the end results but not all the toil, turmoil and sacrifice in the process of getting there.

Do something that scares you every day

I’m not sure where I seen this quote but it’s certainly a step in the direction of getting out of my comfort zone and it’s hard as hell! Especially with young kids when I feel like I’m walking a tight rope and at any second I’m going to fall. A complete knife-edge and I’m holding on with my finger nails terrified to let go because of the fear of the unknown or the known that it will be a very bad scenario.

I experienced a very bad scenario the other day, even though it didn’t kill me it hurts and I’m a sensitive person, I feel everything deeply and I’m trying to recover from it. These are the things I fear.

If you don’t feel uncomfortable or anxious you’re not growing they say and we should embrace these feelings and glad we’re having them instead of trying to dismiss them.

Like the seasons change every year we expect Autumn leaves after Summer but what happens when there’s a hurricane? A storm? A tornado? That’s not expected how will we deal with it? How will we cope if we’ve never been there before.

We either change or he will change it for us.

I seen on Twitter the other day, someone drove a car down the motorway without a back tyre! Nothing happened to them the police caught up with them luckily for them and others before they caused major problems. But this person that was on drugs driving a car without a proper wheel at fast speed Allah was still protecting them, so what about you and I that take all the safety precautions and take a little bit of risk?

Taking risk and change goes hand in hand

So here’s to taking risks, pray for me.

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