Arguing With A Ghost


I coined the term arguing with a ghost it’s something I’ve observed on Twitter. People Tweet provocative/absurd and/or do provocative/absurd things for attention, they get the reactions they’re looking for then ignore everyone that comes into their mentions and ‘ghost’. They come back and do the same thing all over again in a cycle. I’ve seen a number of people do it, I’ve realised it’s a tactic with little benefit and mute/block them.

A lot of people are provocative on Twitter for attention, to market products, for a personal agenda or have real life problems and are taking it out on the net. Whatever it is, very few people are sincere and genuine. It’s shady but there’s an unwritten rule that it’s okay because it’s just the internet.

Isn’t it funny we come on an app where we can mute, not follow, block, ignore that which we don’t like for one reason or another and people constantly say it’s just the internet you shouldn’t get bothered by what people Tweet but on the other hand people are constantly trying to provoke a reaction from you for attention, it’s a psychological oxymoron and warfare. Even when you block someone they’ll call you a coward when you just can’t be bothered for the nonsense, some do it for other reasons.

It’s been madness on Twitter the past couple of weeks with the build up to the Khabib fight and aftermath.

I was going to write this blog last month but didn’t, since then there’s been non-stop arguments on Muslim Twitter that prompted me to write it with much more  ammunition.

A whole bunch of arguments broke out, I don’t know why. A lot of it I personally believe is down to the male and female interactions.


From Katie Hopkins to Kanye West to any random schmo people use it to garner attention and act in a way they probably wouldn’t in real life.

Kanye West says stupid sh** about slavery wears a MAGA hat and Colin kaepernick top and got everybody saying what does this mean? When he’s really trying to get attention for his latest music or trainers. He says he has mental health issues so I believe it can be down to this to.

Everybody is presenting an image. Everybody.


Muslims in particular present themselves as having the higher morals. They’ll call others hypocrites but won’t believe it for themselves. They’ll complain about swearing and lying in arguments when they do the same.

People use the ‘adab card’ (good mannerisms and conduct) Islam and scholars to win arguments and show they’re right.

Some will start arguments and then allow their followers/friends to do the dirty work for them and claim victim hood. Some simultaneously act like the aggressor and victim, I’ve seen Muslim men do this to maintain an image, it’s absurd to me. They’ll delete tweets of moments of anger or loss of self-control to keep up the image.

If something is bothering someone instead of addressing it and appearing ‘weak’ for allowing it to bother them they Tweet weeks/months later about this person, Tweet passive aggressively or bide their time and try to get them back when everyone’s gunning for them in an argument. Constant sarcasm is used to the point where you can’t even have a serious conversation with people who you disagree with.

People try to appeal to logic and moral consciousness in arguments but with some people you just can’t they won’t see it from another POV. It’s a waste of time and you can’t appeal to moral and logic when people are lacking in this, including Muslims.

Some people complain about feminism saying it’s infiltrating the psyche of Muslim women when it’s a personal agenda with a particular person but they’re passive aggressive and keep up an image to others so they do it for their own means.

Virtue signalling and cognitive dissonance happens a lot, this isn’t exclusive to Muslims.

Some are just addicted to drama and notifications which is like a drug and with echo chambers mirroring and encouraging people they believe they’re right. Would people say half the things they do if they didn’t get traction?

It’s OKAY to disagree but people don’t want to see another persons POV It’s become exceptionally narcissistic and self-centered.

People say and do things in shady ways and claim indifference. They can kid everyone including themselves except for God.

It’s like a strip club (hear me out) people come to Twitter, read Tweets feel an emotion, they go further down the rabbit hole or someone’s timeline, stalk and then are expected not to have a reaction. Just like a man going to get a private lap dance but not allowed to touch a woman when he’s getting aroused but look at the position they’re putting themselves in.

Take it with a pinch of salt and be aware that people are not themselves and presenting images.

I’m not above anything that I wrote, we all have to be self-aware and check ourselves.

If you put something out there you should expect a response and not moan about the reactions. It’s a public sphere and people are unforgiving and some have the worst reading comprehension. If people didn’t get any response and treated as irrelevant they would be even more upset.

Ignore, mute, block, take lots breaks, put out decent content and interact with the decent people because there are some, I’ve met them. In reality Twitter means very little to our lives and if it does get a bloody life and get over yourself!

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  1. I personally don’t agree with “Twitter has little to do with our lives” statements particularly when it comes to politics and raising your opinion etc. Despite how unaffective or influentional our opinins on social media can get or if they actually make a difference or not, that’s another argument. But to some extent for at least a few people i know, twitter does mean a little to them if not much.
    But on the other hand, it’s true because our day to day life has nearly nothing to do with twitter. At least for people living in third world countries.
    You are certainly right about people not seeing another pov, the constant use of ‘adab’/’be nice’ and all that jazz.
    Then there are those who like to turn everything into feminist/salafi war.
    All in all your conclusion regarding such people is on point; Block them all or mute.

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