Walking has Benefited my Health Tremendously


Since September 2017 I started walking my kids to school in the morning instead of taking the car. I discovered the short cut to school so we started walking every morning and in nice weather we walk home as well. When I started it was hard I was unfit so were the kids and before this I had health issues. I had a fever and virus that went into my muscles and caused them to become atrophy and I couldn’t even walk properly, at one point I thought I was going to be in a wheel chair.

This was not good, I didn’t want to be like this so I had to make myself better. I started by doing hill walks in the park. I tried to go at least once a week and go up and down the hill which was only a few thousand steps but being busy I didn’t always make it but walking to school every day instead of taking the car was significant in the improvement of my health and it caused a domino effect. It was also a place I had to go everyday opposed to the hill walks.

Prior to this and prior to me being married with kids and moving cities I trained a lot in martial arts the gym, running, boxing etc since I was a teen. I did a lot of hours. When I got married I became pregnant straight away and had to move to London, I stopped training due to being very busy. I did little bits but nothing compared to before and this affected me mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I love exercising and I had been training so much for so long to doing hardly anything.

Since September 2017 to now I’ve become healthier, fitter, stronger in all senses of the words. I’m going to list the benefits walking has done for me and how you to can be healthy because health is one of if not the most important factors in our lives, we struggle to live to our full potential without it and it’s a daily hinderance.

Sleep   Exercising wears you out, your body and mind and vastly improves your sleep and lots of sleep is necessary for many things like brain function, mood, clarity of thinking, resting and recovering your body and mind and feeling refreshed the next day. Just google the health ramifications of sleep deprivation. The more I exercise the more I sleep and the better I feel. When I’m not exercising I can’t switch off and mind goes into overdrive and over thinking causing problems.

Reduces Anxiety & Depression  – Exercise is known to help reduce anxiety and depression. It’s certainly done that for me. For one it stops me over thinking and over analysing. It releases the good chemicals from our brain into our body and puts us in a positive mood without the use of drugs.

De Stress  – With being creative and writing and producing content I get writers block. I  go for a walks to get away from the screen and clear my head which clears up my thinking. It works. Try it for 15 minutes and you feel refreshed.

Saving Money In the winter months it’s such a hassle sorting out the car to leave every morning. I have to start 20 minutes before I leave, start the engine, the fumes are gross and coming into the house. It’s freezing I have to de-ice the windscreen, warm up the car and then go and sit in rush hour traffic in London being annoyed and angry with other annoyed and angry drivers and then find parking. Now I walk out the door and keep on walking. I’ve saved money on petrol and my blood pressure is lower. It gets the blood pumping in winter and makes me warmer, I used to have poor circulation and get chilblains on my toes.

Leave the car when you can and you’ll want to use it as little as possible. I walk to the Drs, supermarket and elsewhere and I don’t have to worry about the limited parking, traffic, douche bag drivers and I’m saving money whilst benefitting my health.

No Fomo  We suffer from fear of missing out in this country because we get so little good weather. Regular walking in all the weathers from early in the morning allows you to be out in the world. The gym is not the same as being out in God’s nature. The kids enjoy it now, I use my Iphone to track how many steps I walk each day, they say to aim for 10,000 steps a day.

Vitamin D Tablets  – I started taking Vitamin D tablets a few years ago and it’s made a significant impact to my mood and health. Especially in the cold winter months we get very little sunshine. It’s the sunshine feeling you get in summer and I hardly got ill in winter and when I did it was for a few days and I recovered quickly.

Prior to this I was always ill, back to back illnesses on antibiotics but recently when I did  get ill it would only be for a few days and pass quickly. I’d try to keep walking to recover. I highly recommend people take Vitamin D tablets and see the change within themselves after a few months. They also helped with my fatigue and stopped me feeling tired all the time, again especially in winter.

Healthy Eating  When you exercise your body craves and needs good food and nutrients. Another thing I had to do to make myself better is eat well. I ate prophetic sunnah (the teachings of the prophet Muhammad pbuh) foods and it most definitely helped. Dates, cider vinegar, good honey, extra virgin olive oil, fruit & veg, fish, drinking lots of water you can check out my cooking page on Instagram Cooking_Chronicles15.

Call To Action

Walking is the easiest way to get healthy and into shape even those that hardly do it. Start off small and increase and try to do it daily.

I remember in Bruce Lee’s book him writing about parking and to try to park a little further away so at least you get some walking in to and from the car, instead of parking right outside and rolling out the car into the building like I used to do.

Master your health because health is wealth and a crown on the head of the healthy that only the sick can see. When you feel good, you look good and you will have more positive days and life. We all want a long healthy life so it starts now, nobody can do it for you.

Get up and Get out and lemme know


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