True Brotherhood

IMG_3249A story

A small gesture with a big meaning.

I had to have my wisdom tooth out, I choose to do it under general anesthetic (asleep) because I hate dentist stuff so I had to do in the hospital. It’s all pretty formal, I had to fast the night before I didn’t realise how much went into having a tooth out under general anesthetic. I went to the hospital in the morning and had to change into a gown that’s open in the back, I couldn’t wear anything except the gown and paper pants, not even a hair tie or socks.

I was waiting on the bed with the curtain closed for the medic in the room in my gown, I put the blanket up to my neck to cover myself. I didn’t have my hijab (headscarf) on, I was covering myself with the blanket.

A man entered, he said “you have to walk downstairs to where you will be put to sleep”. I instantly thought ‘OMG you’re going to make me walk around this big hospital with nothing on but this backless gown and paper pants?!?’. It must have shown on my face and I said something like “I have to walk?”. My legs would be showing, the gown is open at the back for God’s sake! My arms would be showing, I have NO hijab on.

When I arrived at the hospital, I didn’t pay attention to this man. He was wearing scrubs, Arab I think, no beard. I’m not sure if he saw me in hijab, possibly.

He said “we’ll take you down in the bed”. Two or more staff would have to wheel me down, I had to go in the lift. Another medic said “we need the bed she can walk”, of course they need the bed it’s the NHS they’re stretched and of course I can walk but this man, I assumed he was Muslim wheeled me down in the bed. Other staff helped him and jokingly said “you’re getting special treatment” all the while still being friendly and cheerful. Even when I got downstairs they asked ‘why has she been brought down in a bed?’. I was soo relieved that I didn’t have to walk in my backless gown let me tell you. I didn’t even say thank you to the brother or staff they just went and i didn’t see him again.

This brother covered my haya (modesty) that day, a gesture that I still think of to this day. He didn’t have to do it, I don’t know why he did, maybe he would want someone to do it for one of his female family members. Maybe he saw me earlier covered when i didn’t even notice him, Maybe he felt strongly about qawwam (protecting in the proper manner) May Allah preserve him the way he did me.

The Lesson

A great lesson in sincerity, an act of kindness and true brotherhood.

Twitter is a hot bed of immature guys and girls with agenda driven desire based interactions. I find a lot of it insincere even though they are talking about nothing but preserving women’s modesty. If you really care about preserving your sisters in Islam Haya (modesty) actions like this speak louder than these tweets ever will. Less talk more action.

Time and time again the staff in the hospitals have gone above and beyond with their medical and personal care of patients in the UK, it’s one of the world’s greatest systems and assets. Let’s not allow the government and private practise to destroy it to profit financially where we will have a system where the poor cannot afford health care anymore. #SaveOurNHS!

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  1. Silky: Nice small narration of seemingly a small act of kindness leaving a huge impact on u. So it means, small acts of kindness and gestures may look small for many but may mean a lot for others. Moreover, transforming it into a short story adds further its impact to readers. On one hand it describes your character and on the other it describes values of our beautiful religion Islam. Keep it up, keep sharing your feelings. Bravo keep it up

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