The Red Pill is Bull****

IMG_3320This is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of The Red Pill Community, it’s also part click bait but mainly the first thing.

I’ve been wanting to write this blog for a while I came across the Manosphere, The Red Pill, MGTOW, PUA et al men on Twitter, Reddit, YouTube and found it interesting/strange because I’ve not come across men like these before. I wondered is this what relationships are like for others? It’s far from my marriage dynamic. I didn’t know what it was all about so I observed it for a while, read, watched videos and had interactions;

These are my thoughts on the whole thing I know many will disagree.

What is The Red Pill (TRP)?

The name The Red Pill is derived from the film The Matrix when the main character is given a choice between a Red Pill and Blue Pill. He takes the Blue Pill and continues his life on in ignorance/bliss or takes the Red Pill and is unplugged to the reality which is truth and power.

The men and movement claim they’re waking up to the reality of the women centric feminist 21st century world, women have it better than men. They say it’s for men lacking in positive male identity because there is a war on men and masculinity. It is also sexual strategy in relationships, making them better and become more attractive to women, sounds positive right?

The ‘Manosphere’ has other sub cultures like MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) where they’re done with women and relationships and is a pushback against the waves of feminism an opposite extreme.

They claim feminism, the sexual revolution has changed the dynamics of marriage. Men and women are not getting married like they used to, relationships have changed, dating has changed in the west. The debauchery of the hook up culture and promiscuity is rampant and people don’t care about traditional values. Women acting like men, women not listening to men, women doing whatever they want, so they will use TRP to get what they want from women, sex. They claim women are not doing their part as women so they won’t as men until there is a change and continue on in the same debauchery (that makes sense *sarcasm*).

Both men and women have eroded marriage and traditional values in the west due to the decrease in religion, rise in atheism, laws and rights and following every one of their desires. Sleeping around has become a right of passage. They realise it isn’t making them happy and want to revert back to traditional values. Does any parent want their child to be a whore/porn star/sex worker? Honestly of course not but people can’t be honest with themselves nowadays. You can’t also enjoy one as a man and be vehemently opposed to it for your own family.

What I’ve discovered in interacting with some of the men Muslim and non and yes some Muslims follow parts of this, reading/watching videos is that a lot of it is not positive relationship advice at all, it’s downright toxic and false (I know they’ll shriek i’m yelling toxic masculinity I don’t really care).

My Experiences

I’ve had interactions with some of these guys on Twitter. I found it weird and didn’t know what was going on in the beginning then I realised their interactions are wholly manipulative. They try to manipulate women and seek out the ones that they can manipulate and control, especially younger females that can be easier to manipulate by flaunting their muscles, money and trying to show they have their sh** together.

There’s a lot of mind games and psycho babble BS, Strategies in text, communication and body language which is exhausting in a regular relationship. I don’t know how they can keep doing these things past teenagehood, it’s a very adolescent mindset.

Using strategies such as ‘dread game’ – applying tactics in a relationship to instil a fear of loss I.e. fear she will lose her man. Claiming women are emotional that She’ll get bored in the relationship, she needs to be kept on her toes, she needs to see he has high value otherwise she’ll leave him, seems like a whole lot of insecurity from the man and manipulation of women that are easy to manipulate. Texting multiple women and showing your woman any woman can snatch you up at anytime so you better act right, Is that a healthy relationship?

There’s plenty of other buzzwords in the sphere you can read about, hypergamy, game, maintaining frame, spinning plates etc that they follow like it’s a religion to try to control a woman and relationship.

I’ve realised a lot of them are actually very insecure and have hard times with women. Poor relationships, bitter divorces, can’t get the women they want, can’t get what they want from women, hurt by rejection, it’s really a lot of lashing out. Even the way they tweet they’re lashing out, it’s actually hilarious when you see how childish men in their 30s can be online. Some of them need to back to their mother because she’s not done raising them.

They claim women manipulate men for their own gain. I find it no different to what they do to young hormonal guys that are insecure, anxious, have trouble communicating with women giving them ‘advise’ that comes to light they don’t even follow themselves to sell books, make money and projecting their own insecurities because they’re mad at women. Some of these guys have become famous in the sphere with their books and become international whores yet still want an obedient virginal wife LOL.

Islamic Stance

My main problem with TRP (I use that to mean all of it) Muslim men claim they’re taking the good and leaving the bad of TRP and applying it to their marriages, approach to marriage because the west has seeped into the Islamic world and there is good from TRP.

I came across a video of a brother that’s in a polygamous marriage, he was on a video with his wives proving that he walks the talk of this sphere. The women are eastern women with broken English that are already subservient in their nature (they say the east is not as infected by feminism yet), the whole seeking out women easy to manipulate came to mind. The brother was conversing with his wives and online about the topics. The women were quite clearly stating their grievances about certain dynamics and then he put out a statement ascribing it to one of the sahabah (companion of the prophet Muhammad pbuh) without any evidence to why he can divorce and remarry because a sahabah narrated this.

This a big sin and evil, you cannot make up narrations and ascribe it to a sahabah. It is a fitnah because he has an audience that may not know better and is misleading them about the religion because he is trying to use it to follow his personal desires. Getting halal sex in with different women before you divorce and move onto the next is not marriage.

These types of marriages do not build good relationships, marriages, children and strong communities. They want to do what the non-Muslims are doing under the guise of Islam, It’s immature and selfish and you have to be careful about transgressing the limits of Allah.

I’m wary of these brothers, the ones I’ve come across have poor character. Others need to be wary in believing what they say, especially when it comes to Islam verify it with a reputable scholar.

My Advise

I’m not saying all is bad or disagree with everything. Some is self-help you can take some advise and apply it to yourself and relationship, I’m saying be cautious what relationship advice you take from the sphere.

TRP can only go so far, it goes out the window when they come across a woman they genuinely like, they can pull this crap on women they don’t care about. Pretending and playing childish mind games there’s only so much a woman will want to be around a guy like that. They’ll end up hurting the person and themselves and harm the relationship because they’re being taught this is how men are supposed to act. ‘Don’t show emotion, don’t communicate or show your feelings’ they’re putting too much thought into trying to prove they’re something that they’re not which are underdeveloped men and that is not a healthy relationship, it won’t be a fulfilling one.

They also try to trigger women a lot online to get reactions and responses out of them and then claim they’re overly emotional. Ignore them ladies they just want your attention.

I’ve seen infighting in the sphere I don’t know what will become of this all, self-development and improvement, they have a long way to go.

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  1. Very articulate in ur own experience and nicely narrated ur own opinion. Well most part of ur post is written with truth of ur consience and so is correct. There r other opinions also and sone may argue to differ which again wd show an openness of mindset. A few may disregard it without arguing which again is understandable keeping in mind the volatility of subject.
    To tell u the truth interpersonal relationship between men n women are a very complex matter and subject to either personal or anecdotal experiences. Nothing is perfect always and a bit of flexing here and there keeps the train moving with occasional stop overs provided these r transient and short lived .
    The never ending discussion on the subject wil continues till the end of sphere. Keep it up and applauds to ur nice pretty smile .
    One n Only from ur twitter family

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Both men and women have eroded marriage and traditional values in the west due to the decrease in religion, rise in atheism, laws and rights and following every one of their desires”

    You summed it up accurately. 👍

    Instead of looking at the root cause,such men for their own agenda, are actually providing more reasons to women to turn towards Feminism.

    “The women are eastern women with broken English that are already subservient in their nature (they say the east is not as infected by feminism yet)”

    By East, i guess you mean Asia?( Kindly correct me if im wrong).

    If it is Asia, then i disagree on this point.
    Obviously Feminism has not accomplished much in East compared to West but for an Asian,its more than enough 😜

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