Slow Down to Speed Up

Every Ramadan I stop a lot of my work and try to dedicate my time to Ramadan. Fasting, praying, reading the Quran, listening to lectures etc. I’m so exhausted from fasting I can’t do much else besides the necessary work & tasks anyways. I have no idea how people train so hard without water, it’s crazy to me.   

I don’t go anywhere unnecessarily, not even clothes shopping if I can help it, no eating out or fun activities maybe just to the park for the kids. 

I don’t do the usual extra curricular activities for the kids or myself. 

I slow down; usually I’m doing so much everyday & jumping from task to task & doing multiple tasks at once just to get them completed so I can quickly move onto the next task. 

I’m not worrying about where I need to be or what I need to do because (I’m too tired) plus I’m just trying to focus on Ramadan. I try to dedicate my time to it each year with minimal distractions it’s only a month, I try to get more spiritual. 

Even though I slow down & i’m not working, every year I make more money than the rest of the months, this happens to my husband too. 

Not only do we make more money we save money from not eating, not going out and to top it off we come across deals and sales we’re not even looking for! 

My husband found a major deal in Harrods that has never ever happened before. Harrods is an infamous high end designer store famous for selling lion cubs in the past & is an expensive tourist hotspot in London. 

I spoke to someone about the fact that in Ramadan I do less but make more money and how weird it is, she also found it weird and described how sometimes when we take a step back from what we’re doing or what we’re trying to achieve we effectively speed up.

 So what do I mean by this?

Being present – 

And purely focusing on God who is (what we believe) the provider of all our sustenance and money actually increased my wealth far more than me multitasking and trying to do everything at once. When I don’t focus on the work it gains traction all by itself. 

Patience – 

Patience is so necessary with yourself and others. When you’re fasting you have to constantly check yourself, it’s a big test. It’s easy to get irritated and angry with other people because you’re not eating and drinking. You then take this with you & try to continue & apply the habits you’ve practised in Ramadan.

Spiritual –  

When Ramadan 2021 finished I was sad & missing it. It was a massive spiritual journey with lows and highs and this is the thing about spirituality, it’s not a straight line upwards that you picture on a graph, it fluctuates wildly that is a lifetime of trying to improve on. Spirituality makes you calm down & slow down & think of the present, not the past, present & future all at once, which is terribly overwhelming. 

Anxious –

Rushing through work just to finish it and get to the next task, multitasking so you’re doing a half assed job and not even present to have conversation because I’m thinking about what I have to do in the evening. Our brains are built in an anxious state, some is good but too much is detrimental. It doesn’t make anything come quicker it just causes stress and sucks the fun and life out of it.

Slow Down – 

The one thing about being a content creator I really enjoy it. I enjoy making  the ideas have in my head come to life, giving direction, improving, learning skills. Follower counts, views etc are necessary but you have to enjoy what you do otherwise you will burn out real fast with the amount of work you have to do.  

Lauren London posted (partner of the late great Nip Hussle)  – Someone wrote, it was uncomfortable to sit still sometimes. 

‘Because we’re so busy trying to distract, it’s like, What do you have next? What are you doing next? And what’s next will come. 

I must be prepared. 

And in preparation, 

I must be still. 

‘Essentially you are the opportunity. We’re so busy trying to chase a bag

And the bag is manifested; it will come. But you must first dwell inside and figure out what’s going on internally; It’s all inside. So I plan to do more internal work and let that manifest’ – Ameen!

You’re the Opportunity > Chasing Opportunities 

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  1. You are right about slowing down. We get so busy in life that it becomes hard to reflect, especially on social media.
    Also, please write more.
    Your blogs bring so much peace and inspiration.
    May Allah swt bless you and your loved ones with good health and happiness, aameen.

    Liked by 1 person

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