10 Holistic Health Tips

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We’re a year into this pandemic now & our 3rd lockdown. More than ever health is at the forefront of our minds & is one of our most important blessings. Without good health life is very difficult, we cannot do the things we want and need to do for ourselves or for anybody else.

You cannot enjoy your family, your money, your time without good health. Everything becomes difficult and a daily struggle which eats into your time & everything else. Everyone knows that when they are unwell all they want is their health back but prevention is better than cure.

Good health is physical, emotional, mental & spiritual health, all of them are intertwined and dependent on one another. 

A while ago I had a virus that affected my health. I did a number of medicinal alternatives that improved & got me back to good health, praise be to God. I haven’t been seriously ill since and when I did become ill it’s been for a short period of time, Alhumdilillah.

As always take what benefits you and leave the rest, I avoid medicines as much as possible.


The basics – people underestimate the importance of good sleep, rest and recovery. It’s the cornerstone of our health. Our lives are too hampered with 24/7 go/hustle culture and online/screen addictions are causing sleep problems. Someone I follow is sharing information about sleep & the effects it has on us & the problems the lack of it causes, it’s very deep & important to our wellbeing.

I have good sleep thank God! because I didn’t always, I’m in a routine I wake & sleep early. When I have good sleep I’m in a good mood, I’m very productive I can get more done. I think better, I have far better brain functioning and ideas, I’m refreshed & have high energy, I feel good I act good. Naps are important also to refresh, even only for 1/2 an hour. Good sleep is such a great blessing from God you cannot buy.

Insomniacs are prone to depression, low mood & energy, irritability, socialising problems & many more physical, mental & emotional health problems. I know how bad I feel when I don’t have adequate sleep & you can get run down easily. Sleep via medication is not the same as natural sleep.

Have a routine, go to bed early & rise early, limit screen time before bed. Being productive all day & exercise makes me tired. Having my tasks in order so it’s not playing on my mind at night, being organised & completing tasks also make me relax & not stress at bed time.


 Another cornerstone of good health is exercise whatever it may be. Walking, skipping Martials Arts, biking, Jogging, indoors with Joe Wicks try to do something daily even if it’s daily chores & cleaning but get your body moving. And getting out of the house is important for fresh air, nature, a change of scenery to clear your mind, it makes you feel good & refreshed, it breaks up the day.

I used to walk for school runs in the morning before eating breakfast, this small activity daily benefited my whole day. I slept better, I felt better, I ate less the best thing about exercise is how it makes me feel, I’m so happy & in my element training and it’s good for you!


What we consume is important, eating healthy fresh, nutritious food is necessary. Junk food makes me feel physically sick when I’m training, it goes against everything good in your body. Home cooked meals with fresh ingredients getting your fruit & veg in daily, you just have to look at my Instagram.

I try to buy sugar free, no fat, light products. I substitute sugar with honey & brown sugar and I drink lots & lots of mineral water, I hardly drink tap water.

After I had a virus my muscles were atrophy I was tired & sluggish. I drank a small glass of apple cyder vinegar with honey in cooled boiled water. It helps with chronic fatigue, staves off hunger & stopped my muscles aching. I also take blackseed oil once a week. I eat the foods mentioned in the Quran – figs, cucumber, dates (holy land dates & ajwa are best), olives etc

4/ SALT 

I use salt for many things either sea salt or pink Himalayan salt. I use it in water to rinse my mouth because I use an asthma pump, wash my eyes when they’re itchy & hurting to stop infections. Use in baths & showers for skin problems like rashes (rub it on), it’s great for a lot of stuff.


I take vitamin D in winter due to little sunlight in the UK, you have low energy without it, when I feel ok I stop taking it. It’s the good mood sunshine pill. In summer I don’t take it but try to sit out in the sun with sunlight directly on my hair for ½ hour a few days a week. 


In the morning I open all the windows in the house even in the freezing 0 degree weather for a little bit. It becomes stuffy in the night when we’re sleeping and you need fresh air circulating in the house, especially because of Covid.  

7/ less screen time

Spending copious amounts of time in front of a screen & on social media is so unhealthy for us. It’s bad for our eyes, our hands, our minds. I always say have a real life with real people doing real things, limit the time you spend on social media each day and be strict with yourself. I feel so much better & I’m so much more productive when I’m not on social media, it literally zaps your energy & wastes your time. 

8/ help not harm 

Good “karma” or whatever you want to call it but whatever you put out into the world in terms of good will come back to you and the same is with bad and this is dependent on intentions also. 

9/ allow yourself to feel your emotions

Don’t try to ignore your problems or brush them under the carpet, you are not weak for needing and wanting help we’re human & by very nature weak and fallible. You should not feel ashamed for seeking help for your mental health or going to therapy or a counsellor, they prove very beneficial. Trying to ignore your emotions will only exacerbate them, pay attention to what your mind and body is telling you. If you feel sad be sad but don’t let it overwhelm you, seek help.

10/ Finally, Trust in god

Whatever is meant to befall us will not miss us in terms of good and bad, you cannot out run it but when you trust in God and his plan and that he wants the best for you and he loves you, you let go. All you have to do is make effort & leave it to him you cannot control outcomes.

The problem is we want what we want & we want it now, we cannot control that but we can control how we deal with tests and everyday life which ultimately gives you inner PEACE and this is what everyone wants in any given situation whether they realise this or not.  

There’s more Health Tips on my Instagram – Cooking_Chronicles15 under the health highlights God bless X

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