My 50th Blog!!!


Hey guys! Fellow writers and readers, I was on my website the other day and I realised that I have written 59 Blogs and this is my 50th Blog!! I haven’t been keeping track but it’s a kind of milestone seeing the journey of where I started with my first Blog to where I’m at now. I’ve grown and improved my writing skills considerably.

My plan was to write on a different topic but I’ve got an injury I’m nursing so I’m not in that frame of mind anymore.

I have a red A4 notepad where I started writing my blogs by hand, then writing them up on my website. That quite literally killed my hand because I don’t think we as a people write a lot in pen anymore, it’s all typing plus it was a big waste of time writing the blog twice. I still use the notepad to write notes and ideas for blogs as well as journaling. There’s also something about writing in a pen you like.


So what have I learned/experienced/gained in this time you ask?

  • I’ve diversified. I’ve produced 31 YouTube videos also and I’ve recorded my first podcast audio. Is it a snowball effect of production? YES it’s a contagious shift of mindset that started with Blog writing.
  • Expression. I’m a Writer, I may have always been a writer. I took English in school and college, I went to a music production organisation and wrote and deconstructed song lyrics. I used to put up writing and poetry on my bedroom wall and read Alicia Keys’s Blogs on her website years before it was even called blogs, I am a Writer. Blog writing has unlocked that.
  • We all need Support. I have been able to do all this with the help and support of my husband. From researching to designing and creating my website, YouTube channel and Podcast. It would have been so much more difficult and time-consuming without him. Also his belief in me to push and achieve the best in myself.
  • Whenever I write something I feel like I’m tested with what I wrote so I have to be very conscious of what I put out there to be real and true.
  • Healing. Like expression I’m able to get out my thoughts, feelings and emotions, pour them into something constructive and deal with it better.

My favourite Blogs I’ve written so far are Greatness, Lies Within YOU and What we ALL can Lean from Nipsey Hussle.

I’m on a social media detox currently, I watched a video on YouTube by a guy that did it for 30 days and wanted to/need to do it but I still want to write.

Do you like writing? Doing what you’re doing? Being a creative? It’s a big factor to motivate you to keep going when you’re not getting what you want from it.

I also watched a YouTube video of the Breaking Bad writers and the process they go through to come up with scenes and plot lines. Watching it is a realisation how important writing is when they created IMO the best TV series of all time.


Here’s to more blogs and my first book, God Willing. 

And yes, it’s cool when you see on your stats someone from a faraway country like Trinidad and Tobago has been on your site reading your writing.

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