People Hate & Fear the TRUTH the Most


In light of recent online social media events pertaining to the infamous Instagram Muslim Influencer couple Hasanat and Umm Abdullah AND his OTHER wife Sister Sarah (us Muslims have more drama then Eastenders) and very recent truth revealing events in my own personal life, I’ve been thinking about truth and lies a lot. Racking my brain in fact. Why do people lie? And why do they lie so much online?

We know what’s right and wrong, we’ve been taught it since we were little kids by our parents and teachers. Lying is wrong, lying is bad we all know the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf and the consequences of lying, we teach it to our own children. Yet, as adults and the pull of social media people are making up whole false identities online.

I’m sure this Instagram couple didn’t start out lying like this but the seduction of fame somehow affected them to the point they illegally frauded the Muslim community out of 300 thousand pounds. They lied about even being Muslims and the online Muslim community is also at fault for putting these people on pedestals and revering them. The revelation of these lies has shaken people’s faith, this is how bad it is.

Fame, attention, admiration, ‘love’ have allowed their massive lies to spread and dupe people like they’ve been under a magic spell. But now look at them, after all this time of lying (Hasanat is still trying to keep up the bull****) their whole world has come crashing down around them.

The “ugly” truth has come out. So what have they gained? He’s lost his wives, both of them and they are distrusted by the Muslim & non-Muslim community, who would want to have a relationship with them now? A decent one anyway. He’s away from his children, his relationships consist of him looking like a fool every day trying to talk to random people that hate him on the internet. They’ve lost their job, money, lifestyle and they’ve been humiliated.

After years of them putting out a false image of them as a couple, they’ve been forgotten about in a couple of weeks and everyone is on to something new.

We wouldn’t want to have a relationship with a liar, we wouldn’t associate with liars as friends, we wouldn’t do business with liars let alone hire a liar why? Because you know any day it will be you they’re lying to and cheating next.

Human beings have universal values that we live by to give and receive goodness.

It’s a big deal online where content creators are getting their content stolen and passed off as someone else’s or not credited and people don’t like it at all. Fraudsters and liars are profiting off of other people’s hard work and I’m not exempt from this, It’s happening to me. There’s a trend of accounts with lots of followers ripping off the content of people with a lot fewer followers.

A lot of the time we don’t even face the truth about ourselves let alone other people lying to us. About our character, about things that can be bad that we’re doing to others, we’re either very much unaware or in denial.

Look at the make-up industry and what it’s done to the psyche of women. Women can’t leave the house without a full face on top of their own face and can’t take photos without having a filter on top of that and if that’s not enough they’re carving up their face and body with plastic surgery.

Look at the alcohol and drugs industry. People can’t face up to their reality and their own mind so they numb it and escape from their own selves. People want to forget, distract themselves and be happy for a period of time so they sedate themselves.

The entertainment industry is another example, people spend billions on temporary pleasures because people don’t willingly go into pain.

Lying results in you losing friends, your spouse, the person you want to be with, the people you want to communicate with. You lose trust, love, devotion, respect, yourself your lord, and the grip of reality.

Facing the Truth

The truth is…. the truth is painful, the truth is ugly and the truth is hard to face up to.

We’re not as great as we make out to others. We’re not as bad as we believe ourselves to be but we don’t need to create a fake image. Being Authentic means not being accepted by a lot of people because you are doing or saying the truth, not many people can handle that.

What Can We Do –

Do you want to be at peace with yourself and war with the world or at war with yourself and peace with the world? – Nipsey Hussle

  • The most important thing we can do is owning our truths. Facing up to them to not hurt others and be a dishonest person and not be hurt by them. Also so people can’t use them against you so when the truth is finally revealed your world won’t come crashing down around you and you’re not turning to drugs or other vices just to make it through the day to once again escape reality.
  • Accepting your financial situation (that doesn’t mean you’re not trying to change it if it’s bad) your mental health, your family, your emotions to not have shame about the truth, to not impress others with lies, to not create a false image.
  • Have real relationships. That means accepting other people’s thoughts and feelings, not dismissing them or diminishing them.

Why do people lie to the people they love or claim to love? Do they want their cake and eat it?

Once someone lies to you can they ever be trusted again? The depth of the lie is contextual. Some don’t want to hurt others with the truth, some it’s their sole intentions and we have to go by intentions.

Yasmin Mogahed gave an analogy on healing. She said putting a bandage on a gunshot wound is still going to hurt but we’re trying to ignore it and carry on instead of taking it off, digging out the bullet, cleaning it, dressing it and then letting it heal.

Lies are beautiful, truth is pure though and beauty can be filth just like the make-up we put on our faces that was tested on animals. Lies are temporary, truth is eternal.

Ultimately lying means you are shunned and everybody wants to be accepted in one way or another because nobody wants to be lonely.

The ultimate truth is Islam. This life is temporary and we have to face the truth of everything we said and did in the REAL life.

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