Ramadan is a Purifier


When I think of something being purified I think of it being burned in a fire and that’s exactly how I feel during Ramadan (metaphorically speaking obviously).

I’ve always found Ramadan very tough, not just not eating and drinking or fatigue and lack of energy due to fasting 20 hours a day in the UK in summertime but me trying to reign in and control my nafs (desires, whims, ego, weaknesses) and every year you realise how strong they are and what a number satan has been working on you for the past 11 months.

On my final Ramadan blog for the year I want to talk about being purified, what that means and what it entails. We’re in the final 10 days of Ramadan, my plans at the beginning of Ramadan and before have been completely derailed. I expected it because it’s been happening the past couple of Ramadan’s.

I spend the first couple of days very focused in my schedule and then things happen in my life or big national or international events take place which make me lose focus. We live in a global village and it’s hard to switch off. I’m on social media, it will be on TV, other people will be talking about it. It’s hard to avoid but I still try not to let it distract me and keep focus but no, it’s happened again and I’m annoyed at myself again and I say I’ll try better again, God willing.

But what I’m still trying to focus on is my prayers, reading Quran and working on improving myself. This means me trusting in and relying on God’s plan and faith in him in all my endeavours big and daily.

It means working on my daily anxieties, jealousy, envy, my short temper and bad anger issues. My ego and not arguing (couldn’t even if I want to because I’m so tired which is a good thing). Letting things go and walking away, learning not to be bothered by minor things and dealing with them better and being pleased and content with what God has given me. (I’m going to write individual blogs on certain topics like anxiety and how to deal with it) and mastering being calm.

It means patience and dealing with people better because all these are a purifier for me, my heart and my soul and in Ramadan when I’m fasting I have to address these things and improve myself and continue to work on them after Ramadan, otherwise what was the point of it all? Amongst many other things but these things are effecting my daily life so they need to be worked on.

But I’m human and we’re guaranteed to slip and fall flat on our faces REPEATEDLY but as long as you recognise where you’re going wrong, strive, continue, take breaks as they are necessary, well that’s mastery right there.

What will you need to continue to work on? May he accept it from us.

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