I’m getting Traction Without Acting a Fool


A Quick Blog this month. I gave birth to my 3rd child in January so I’m extremely busy with her. I’m trying to gather my bearings and find my new normal, content creators make it look so easy, it’s not.

Even though I haven’t been able to put out content as much as I’d like, my content on MySilkPath.com and my channel on YouTube are getting traction.

And I realised I did this without even doing any promotion at all for my YouTube channel and no interactions apart from replying to comments.

I’ve done it without any click bait.

No attention whoring.

No ‘controversial topics’.

No riling people up on social media to get their attention i.e. the feminists.

No playing on people’s emotions.

No acting a fool for attention, no taking my clothes off (I’m not even in the videos).

No trying to get the attention of people with large followings so they would ‘give me a shout out’.

No band-wagoning on the latest trends, news topics and virals.

No Trolling.


It’s just pure content put out consistently. Sure I probably would get a lot more views doing all of the above but it’s just not my style no matter the ‘advice’ I get from people.

I’ve seen this one Muslim guy, he sells his soul to the internet to make money and get attention and I still have more traction than him LOL. 

What does this mean? It means if I can do it staying true to myself so can YOU without acting a damn FOOL. 😉

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