You See, Efforts are Best Spent Breaking the Females


Have you ever heard of the saying whoever controls the women controls the world? Okay I made it up but I’m convinced there’s something similar out there.

On Twitter there is CONSTANT talk about Muslim women. We’re a target and subject of domination and control by the west.

The latest, prominent and controversial politician Boris Johnson (controversial in the sense that he can say whatever he wants without consequence and being held to account) wrote about Muslim women dress and that niqab (face veil) looks like a ‘letter box’ and they look like ‘bank robbers’. Continuing the onslaught on an already targeted minority and making it more institutionally acceptable to attack and abuse a group of women due to the way they choose to dress and their beliefs.

I watched the series Underground on Netflix. I enjoyed it, they stopped at series 2 which is disappointing because I found it very good. It’s about slavery in America and runaway slaves. One scene caught my eye in relation to the thought and control of women so I’ve relayed it.

The slave master’s son, slave master, female house slave and church reverend were outside eating and took the son on a horse. The son seen a black slave hitting and training an unruly horse.

‘Why is he hitting him?’ Son

‘They’re training the horse, so it’ll be able to be ridden just like the one you’re on’ Slave master

‘But they’re hurting him’ Son

‘It’s a necessary measure, the horses are useless to us in their wild state, they will break free unless you snap out their will to resist’ Reverend

‘A good trainer knows that you have to take a horse from its independent state of nature and create a dependent state so they will become more productive to our needs’ Reverend

‘He doesn’t seem to like it’ Son

‘She’ Reverend, the female house slave gave a funny look as she realised the conversation was how they treated female slaves

‘You see, efforts are best spent breaking the females then she will pass along those learned traits to her foal, when you get em young enough you can get them to do almost anything’ Reverend

Recently Denmark outlined controversial laws targeting the Muslim community particularly their children to instill ‘Danish Values’.

You can see the manner in which they are targeting Muslim women is nothing new but tried and tested in history, it’s just they haven’t been able to conquer the Muslim woman that breaks away from their capitalism, their sexual gaze, their exploitation and instilling the belief in them that the highest entity are the governments in the west, not God.

May God protect us.

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