We HAVE to Strive for Excellence


Ronda, Spain.

I seen this photo on my laptop it’s a generated screen savers Window’s change on my computer every day. It’s beautiful, It read it was a Moorish stronghold at one point in history. This massive hill/cliff and I wondered how the hell they got up there in the 10th century to Conquer the land. The new bridge was built in the 19th century and there are remnants of Islamic Spain’s exquisite architecture that are now tourist attractions. The photo made me want to read more into the history because it’s so beautiful.

But I’m astounded by what was achieved by Muslim’s in the early centuries after the death of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) with far less advancement and ease than us. It’s inspirational and excellence at its peak. I like reading about history, especially Islamic history and it’s littered with excellence and achievement which is far removed from our current state today. That’s why it’s imperative to learn and understand our own history, from a psychological stand point it’s motivation. Did you know that the Ottoman Empire was one of the largest and longest lasting empires in history? 1299 – 1922, It spanned 3 continents.

So how do we take this and implement it into our own lives? I have a story, I went to my kids Islamic school grauation ceremony, they’re moving onto the next year. When I drop them off there’s an elderly gentleman that opens the doors for everyone coming in he greets everybody is welcoming and friendly. I didn’t pay him much mind. He has Parkinson’s disease, you can clearly see it but he still opens the doors for everyone, he’s also 70.

During the graduation the sister that started the school along with her husband who was also there (that is excellence in itself teaching generations their religion and Quran where the reward will be in this life and the next) was making a speech on stage and said the elderly gentleman is her father and he volunteers here along with others. We were surprised, for starters it’s a family affair which is amazing, secondly he’s elderly and has a disease but still takes the time and makes a great effort to come to the school to help.

Another teacher made a speech she’s also doing her PGC and got emotional talking about the elderly gentleman. If he can go out of his way to contribute then what are you and I doing when we are young and healthy? He’s not miserable and ‘whoa is me’ about his disease, so he’s the inspiration behind this blog. It’s sort of a part 2 to Greatness,Lies Within YOU.

There was also a teenager there that was a student, then volunteer and perhaps a future teacher and I thought this is how I want my kids to be. Spending their free time doing positive work not on the streets. He’s polite and well-mannered when young people have a bad rap and people act like their teenage years need to be filled with entertainment.

Another teenager that helps in the BJJ class that I send my son. He volunteers, does the sport, competes and is doing academically well, another example of young excellence and striving for excellence, just like I was when I was a teenager.

It should start from a young age and if you haven’t started it doesn’t matter you can start right NOW. Stop being distracted by entertainment and your hardships and take a lesson from the elderly gentleman.


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