An Inconvenience


Thank god I wasn’t driving she thought, looking at the traffic.

She wasn’t inconvenienced today.

A woman was walking her children to school when she was hit by a car crossing the road. She was okay, it wasn’t that bad but it was an inconvenience.

To who? to her, to the other drivers trying to get to work, to school, to a meeting, wherever. A busy cold Monday morning commute in London. The driver was obviously shocked and went to help her, he called an ambulance and asked if he could move her off the road out-of-the-way, morning traffic was building up. He moved his car out of the way a bit and waited for an ambulance to arrive.

The traffic built up almost immediately in both directions because of the way the accident happened. People back in traffic may or may not know what happened, they didn’t care it was an inconvenience. They had to get to where they were going, now they’re stuck in traffic, annoyed, angry, impatient, dealing with other impatient motorists like themselves because they were inconvenienced.

This is London, it’s busy and it doesn’t stop for anyone. This is life, heck people didn’t even care if she was okay or not or even hoped she was okay, they wasn’t thinking about her, her children, they were thinking about themselves. How this is inconveniencing me, their monday morning routine was out of whack.

This is us, this is me, this is what it’s like living in a global city like London. Millions rushing to and fro, we are just an incident away from being an inconvenience to the majority. Sure some will care, some will go out of their way to help, some will go above and beyond.

So what is the point of this story? We should try to do as many good deeds as we can before we become an inconvenience. It can be small but do it consistently, daily, weekly, monthly. Write it down, I have to do so and so on this day and go out of your way to make sure you do it because ultimately, we will just become an inconvience to the majority on the road and life will resume for normal for them but what will we have to show for it when it’s all said and done?

At least you know before something like this may happen to you I have been doing this for the sake of my Lord and no-one else, to please him and ultimately have it as something that will attain us everlasting paradise.


This world is fleeting and a temporary stop-gap that we’re trying to build an eternity of living on. This is not the point of this life.

The mother carried on walking her children to school, chatting, she wasn’t inconvenienced today.




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