Theory – On the Sexual objectification of Women


I’m on Instagram and when I scroll through the main page all I see is half-naked, scantily clad women selling their bodies and sex, it’s like porn quite literally. Okay not literally but certainly for attention and if they’re getting/trying to get paid via Instagram followship numbers certainly increase the more clothes they take off and the more provocative they look. We all know sex sells big time and it’s everywhere.

It really irritates me, I’m on there for cooking and food, I like looking at animal accounts especially wild animal rescues mainly lions and tigers and purchasing products but a lot of what I see on the main page are half-naked women twerking.

Women love attention it’s like the honeymoon phase feeling in a relationship, at times they prefer it over a relationship because a committed relationship is hard work and a lot of stress,  it’s what sex is to men.

It got me thinking about our current times and this generation and how a lot of women and young girls think and are being groomed into thinking by media that their worth is based on their physical looks and sexuality. Also using their sexuality to get what they want particularly from men instead of using their brain for better than just the physical. Women use sexuality to get love also but that’s another story.

On the flip side men are being manipulated by their weakness for women by companies (and women) selling product with sexy women in the advertisement. It’s a double edge sword and who is really benefiting and winning from all this? Those that are getting what they want? Be it money, fame or those follow their desires completely but call it liberation, freedom or some other noun. Look at the Victoria Secrets show from example (no don’t watch it), the audience is full of men instead of women when it’s a product for women or both..

When I listened to the lecture understanding the rise of feminism, the Shaikh (scholar) stated that three centuries back women in the Muslim world were the teachers of prominent and well know scholars. They played an active role in the shaping of the society especially with the dissemination of knowledge and men had to go to them to gain knowledge. They were the fabric of the society and they participated in these much-needed roles. Of course there are women in very prominent roles but that also comes with them taking on ‘manish’ characteristics at times to be succesful at those roles and again their looks are addressed.

There is a lot of respect you have for a teacher, someone you learn from and effectively someone who shapes your life. I feel like the decline of these prominent roles in the Muslim world and the influence of the western world has led to our current state of these objectification roles for women and what’s worse is the mindset females have for it.

I see ways men talk about women on Twitter. Muslim and non, obviously it’s not 100% reflective of real life and much is banter but some just revere women as something to go to for one thing and that’s sex and sexual satisfaction. Again, a double-edged sword because women are offering this easily and readily so why not, a lot don’t follow the religious guide lines set.

There’s little respect for women, people may say that women are doing this to themselves by the manner in which they’re acting and in part I agree. You don’t want to be this type of woman where people and men look to you as just a sexual object like a piece of meat and flesh. It’s demeaning no matter how rich and famous they get. Would Beyoncé sell as many records if she didn’t act and look the way she does regardless of talent? No, of course not.

Let’s not do this to ourselves ladies, be more than an offering of physical stimulation for the male eye and discover what you can offer that nobody else can because everyone is unique and everyone has a perspective to share. Let them get to know you for your intellect, your kindness, your humour, your personality etc not just your physical exterior.

Knowledge is Power and your worth is not based upon your looks no matter how many of these wastemen try to convince you that it is. P.s Can any of y’all guess the brand of the shoes in the pic?





  1. Asalam o Alikum!
    Rightly said.
    My teacher at university used to say when ever you go selecting wife, alway look for what level of mother/teacher that girl would be for your kids. That is the ultimate thing which would matter in the end.


  2. Asalam o Alikum!
    Righty said.
    My teacher at university used to say when ever you go selecting wife, alway look for what level of mother/teacher that girl would be for your kids. That is the ultimate thing which would matter in the end.

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